Hazel Sargeant Memorial Fund

Note that this fund-raising campaign is now over.

Help a Bangalore Student Attend University

Imagine that you were orphaned – or abandoned – as a young child. Imagine that all your belongings could fit in a single small suitcase. That’s the reality of life for the children in Divya Shanthi’s boarding home in Bangalore, India.

Even those who have loving families are struggling. Their families are some of the poorest of the poor, but for the boys and girls at Divya Shanthi High School, university is a way out of the poverty trap.

In Bangalore, Pre-University (sixth-form) and University fees average £375/year. Some children at Divya Shanthi High School come from extremely poor families who have no means of paying for this.

Help us set up a fund so that these bright, hard-working young people can afford to attend university.

The Hazel Sargeant Memorial Fund will provide loans, not gifts, to pre-university (sixth-form) and university students. These loans will be paid back into the fund so that future students can benefit too.

Hazel was instrumental in setting up Divya Shanthi Mission Support (the UK charity that fundraises for Divya Shanthi) after a visit to Bangalore in 2000 with her husband Peter. She had especial compassion for the children with whom Divya Shanthi works.

What the Fund Will Do

We’re aiming to raise £12,000, which will allow us to provide loans for three young people each year into the future.

Whatever you can give will make a real difference to the lives of young people like Akshay (17), pictured left, and Selva (18).

Both Akshay and Selva achieved extremely high marks at Divya Shanthi High School, and want to study computer engineering (Bangalore is sometimes called the Silicon Valley of India due to the number of high-tech firms there).

Divya Shanthi has high hopes for both boys – but their families are on a very low income, and cannot afford to pay for higher education.

Akshay, Selva and many others have worked so hard and deserve a chance to make the most of their talents. People like Hazel Sargeant have helped them from terrible poverty to high school graduation.

Can you help with that final step?

Please give what you can today, and help us reach our target of £12,000 for the Hazel Sargeant Memorial Fund. You can download a donation form here or you can donate via PayPal to info@dsms.org.uk.


Divya Shanthi Mission Support (DSMS) will fundraise for the Hazel Sargeant Memorial Fund and entrust the money raised to Divya Shanthi Christian Association & Trust (Divya Shanthi) in Bangalore to use for tuition fee loans for their students. DSMS is a UK charity set up to support Divya Shanthi, based in Bangalore, India. In particular, we support their work to provide homes, education and work opportunities for vulnerable children and women. DSMS is a small charity with no paid staff. Less than 1% of its income is spent on administration or fundraising.